We repair all sort of devices like Mobiles, Gaming Consoles, Computers, Laptops and lots more.

These could include a simple software issues to motherboard repairs, our prices can be slightly more but with this extra price you get:

1. Quality replacement parts

2. Complimentary one-year warranty on most phone repairs (Accidental Damage not covered)

3. Excellent customer service

4. Competitive prices

5. Getting the Job done right

When we say getting the job done right, it means exactly that.

We see a lot of phones coming in for repair that someone else has completed and that’s not been done to a good standard, It can be simple things like screws being missing or a screen not getting programmed and the customer losing features because of this.

The one thing we find annoying is businesses not replacing the water-resistant seal and this is such a simple thing to do and costs very little to install… why not do it?