• This is our standard hydrogel protector and will be the closest fit to standard to the point you won't notcie you have it on!

  • Don't you hate it when the sun is shining on your screen and you get that horrible glare effect, well that's why we are bringing out a anti-glare protector which helps to elimate it.

  • Don't you feel like the person next to you is looking at your phone whilst you are using it, that's why we are bringing this style out also as this brings the standard clear protector but when someone is next to looking at your phone then all they see is black!

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  • Our protectors have self-healing agents in them so even the little scuff or scratches will dissapear within 24 hours, they also have anti-fingerprint, dust deflection and has water resistance!

  • Fits 99% of phones in the market

    With our protectors you get excellent strength and guess what, they get cut fresh and to pretty much every phone out just now! We are glad to say we are the only one in the North-East of Scotland that does these protectors!